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About Me


I'm Danielle, the owner and solo stylist at Hairapy Salon. I am a hairstylist by day (and some evenings) and a farmer by night. My Husband, our daughter, and I live on a farm North East of Louisville with our 3 dogs, 4 cats, 5 horses, and chickens too.

I grew up in Georgia and have always wanted to be in the beauty industry. I was the kid that was helping do hair and trying to copy a look from a magazine.

CONFESSION: I cut my bangs off when I was 6 because my hair wouldn't go into a sleek ponytail like Christina Ricci's did in 'Casper'.

 I believe in taking care of our environment so I chose a cleaner color line called OWAY as well as Neuma and Cult+King for styling . I'm also a huge animal lover so all products are cruelty free at Hairapy. 


I opened my studio in 2016 after being in the industry for 7 years and living in Louisville for almost 4. I absolutely love going to my studio and working with my guests! What other business would allow me the freedom to create art for someone to wear everyday and enable me to meet new people constantly.


My dream is to connect with all of my guests and for their appointment to feel like a visit with an old friend instead of a chore.


If you would like to come check out what all Hairapy is about click the link below. I'm always taking new clients!

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